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Cole Anthony (#50)

Position: Guard

College: North Carolina

Drafted: 15th Overall (2020)

Birthday: 15th May 2000

Paolo Banchero (#5)

Position: Forward

College: Duke

Drafted: 1st Overall (2022)

Birthday: 12th November 2002

Goga bitadze (#35)

Position: Centre/Forward

Country: Georgia

Drafted: 18th Overall (2019)

Birthday: 20th July 1999


Position: Guard

College: Arkansas

Drafted: 6th Overall (2023)

Birthday: 20th January 2004

Wendell Carter Jr (#34)

Position: Centre

College: Duke

Drafted: 7th Overall (2018)

Birthday: 16th April 1999

Markelle Fultz (#20)

Position: Guard

College: Washington

Drafted: 1st Overall (2017)

Birthday: 29th May 1998

Gary Harris (#14)

Position: Guard

College: Michigan State

Drafted: 19th Overall (2014)

Birthday: 14th September 1994

Kevon Harris (#8)

Position: Guard

College: Stephen F. Austin State

Drafted: Undrafted

Birthday: 24th June 1997

Caleb Houstan (#2)

Position: Guard

College: Michigan

Drafted: 32nd Overall (2022)

Birthday: 9th January 2003


Position: Guard

College: Michigan

Drafted: 11th Overall (2023)

Birthday: 14th September 2003

Joe ingles (#7)

Position: Forward/Guard

Country: Australia

Drafted: Undrafted

Birthday: 2nd October 1987

Jonathan Isaac (#1)

Position: Forward

College: Florida State

Drafted: 6th Overall (2017)

Birthday: 3rd October 1997

Chuma Okeke (#3)

Position: Forward

College: Auburn

Drafted: 16th Overall (2019)

Birthday: 18th August 1998

Trevelin Queen (#12)

Position: Guard

College: New Mexico State

Drafted: Undrafted

Birthday: 25th February 1997

admiral schofield (#25)

Position: Forward

College: Tennessee

Drafted: 42nd Overall (2019)

Birthday: 30th March 1997

Jalen Suggs (#4)

Position: Guard

College: Gonzaga

Drafted: 5th Overall (2021)

Birthday: 3rd June 2001

Franz Wagner (#22)

Position: Forward

College: Michigan

Drafted: 8th Overall (2021)

Birthday: 27th August 2001

Moritz Wagner (#21)

Position: Centre

College: Michigan

Drafted: 25th Overall (2018)

Birthday: 26th April 1997


Head Coach: Jamahl Mosley

Assistant Coaches: Jesse Mermuys, Dale Osbourne, Bret Brielmaier, Lionel Chalmers

High Performance Director: Lindsay Winninger

Head Athletic Trainer: Ernest Eugene

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach: Todor Pandov