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The Orlando Magic At This Moment

The Orlando Magic at this moment are heading into their 35th season. Here is our guide to the Magic ahead of the 2023 Draft and free agency. This is another summer of significance for the Magic’s Front Office of Jeff Weltman and John Hammond as they endeavour to propel the Magic into a team that challenges for titles. Those off-court decisions made will be both crucial and meaningful in our future success.

Is this the summer to swing big in free agency and invest heavily in a proven player? How to use the draft picks? Perhaps the team use select players with all three picks to address need. Maybe trade up to secure a player with star potential. Or even trade back in the Draft to net other assets.

But to make those decisions you need to know what you have. In this quick and easy guide we give you an overview of our current position in regards to contracts and draft capital.

One Immediate Question For The Team

There are questions for the Magic management on the future of several players with the team but the most obvious and important one is about Jonathan Isaac. Whilst we are not looking here at the “rumour mill” or the “what if’s” the question of JI’s future with the team is an immediate an impactful one.

The most important question to be addressed is if he can remain fit and be impactful on returning from the latest injury setback? Perhaps ultimately Jonathan Isaac is more useful as a trade piece?

Isaac has just $7.6 million of his $17.4 million guaranteed. The Magic could stretch this at $1.5 million over five years allowing greater cap space. Equally, that’s where his contract could become a helpful trade tool for team’s hurt by tax to take him just to stretch him.

The Orlando Magic At This Moment – The Facts

The salary cap for all NBA teams is projected to be $134 million. The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) sets a wage structure for player contracts.

Maximum salaries are set at:

  • $33.5 million for players with fewer than seven years NBA experience.
  • $40.2 million for those of seven to nine years in the league.
  • $46.9 million for those 10 year or more veterans.

Teams spending more than the cap are hit with tax penalties at varying levels, becoming more punitive as the over-spending grows. That money is distributed evenly amongst the non-tax-paying teams.

Let’s dive into where the Magic are.

  1. Orlando have a projected salary that is $31 million under the salary cap. This can become $38 million if as previously mentioned the Isaac contract is stretched.
  2. Looking at contracted players the Magic have 7 guaranteed, 3 team options, 4 non or partially-guaranteed and one two-way contract.
  3. The team have a room mid-level exception contract available. This can be used for contracts of up to two years in length and with a starting salary worth up to $5,401,000.
  4. Orlando hold draft picks 6, 11 (acquired from Chicago) and 36. The NBA Draft 2023 will be held on Thursday 22nd June.
  5. Looking to future draft capital, the Magic own all of their future first and second round picks. They further own Denver’s 2024 first round pick (top 4 protected) and a host of other team’s second rounders.

The Orlando Magic At This Moment – The Squad

There is no argument that the Magic need shooting along with additional veteran experience. Furthermore; there is also a need for a back-up centre.

An NBA roster is made up of 15 players, with two additional members being signed on two-way contracts. During the summer off-season this roster can expand to 20 players, before being trimmed for the season. A team may have up to 15 players listed as active on a game day.

So, where are the Magic at?

  1. Mo Wagner is a free agent this summer. The Magic hold full Bird rights for him. A handy guide to how free agency works is here.
  2. Kevon Harris is the Magic’s lone two-way contract. The team waived Jay Scrubb on June 5th.
  3. There are team-options on Michael Carter-Williams ($3.1 million), Goga Bitadze ($2.1 million) and Admiral Schofield ($2 million).
  4. Under contract but with wages that are non-guaranteed are Jonathan Isaac ($17.4 million, $7.6 million guaranteed), Markelle Fultz ($17 million, $2 million guaranteed) and Gary Harris ($13 million).
  5. Markelle Fultz, Cole Anthony, Chuma Okeke and Jonathan Isaac are all eligible for contract extensions.
  6. On set and guaranteed rookie contracts are Paolo Banchero ($12.2 mllion), Jalen Suggs ($9.2 million) and Franz Wagner ($7 million).

The current Magic depth chart as per CBS Sports is shown below.

The Orlando Magic depth chart as of June 17th 2023, courtesy of
The Orlando Magic depth chart on June 17th 2023 as per

With all of the above in mind that depth chart will change over the coming days and weeks.

Next up is a look at the 2023 NBA Draft, at the likely prospects and at the possibility of moving up or down could work.