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Orlando’s 2021/22 City Uniform

Orlando’s 2021/22 City Uniform was launched amongst much fan anticipation yesterday. Giving a nod to the past it celebrates the Orlando area, as the NBA celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Orlando Magic’s Nike NBA City Edition uniform again references the area’s orange roots (sunshine and citrus) and incorporates the team’s classic pinstripes. Orlando’s uniforms are known for the pinstripes and date back to the original Magic jersey in 1989. There is also a throwback “Magic” script on the front of the jersey, along with the iconic star. The pinstripes when you look closely are the words “Why not us? Why not now?” These words come from the Magic’s late Chairman Rich DeVos and we’re used as the team’s mantra in the ’90s. The comet ball logo is also partially featured on the side panel. The neck and arm taping is that of the team’s original jersey. 

When Do They Debut?

The kit will debut on November 24th when the Magic host the Hornets. The Magic will wear the City Edition uniform at 14 home games and three road games this season on City Nights.

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Take My Money Now!

This is the fourth and final Magic uniform for this season. The other three uniforms are the Nike NBA Statement, Icon and Association. Orlando’s 2021/22 City Uniform will be available for purchase on November 15th in the Orlando Magic Team Shop at Amway Center and online

There is no news yet as to when NBA Store EU will have the products available. Use the discount code MAGICUK10 at the checkout for 10% off the price of the entire order. The discount is available site-wide but please note that some exclusions may apply.

A Final Word On Orlando’s 2021/22 City Uniform

The mixture of nostalgia and the future on this jersey fits to the Magic today.

Why not us? Why not now? These words again seem appropriate for this generation. This young team already embody the current team slogan of “Magic Together’. They embody the spirit of “Heart and Hustle”.

As we watch Markelle, JI, Cole, Franz, Jalen, Wendell, Mo, Chuma and RJ grow our former chairman’s rallying call from the 1995 Finals run is something we as fans are asking each other. Perhaps we are watching the first steps back to better days.