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Orlando Magic UK is the UK fan website for the Orlando Magic. As we launch our new website today I know that many of you are long time followers from our social media platforms. So firstly let us say thank you for joining us here as we move into our next stage. We genuinely appreciate your company.

For those of you who are new to the Orlando Magic UK we want to say hi & welcome. We also want to explain what the Orlando Magic UK website & social media is about.


Simply put Orlando Magic UK brings comprehensive fan coverage of the team here, on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. OMUK was founded by Mikey Clarke & Geraint Jones in 2016 after meeting at the NBA Global Gathering London game between the Toronto Raptors & Orlando Magic. Their idea was simple; to give UK Magic fans somewhere to come together for news & chat about our team. Paul Bacon joined with them subsequently. Collectively they have been to over 80 Magic games. Together they travelled to Orlando especially for games 3 & 4 of the 2018 playoffs.


Through the social media accounts we have built friendships across the globe & are well known by the organisation & Magic media.


With the launch of the website we have thought long & hard about how we can do some things better, whilst still bringing you the content we know you enjoy. We also want to be able to share our knowledge & experiences to help you.

So going forward we will still bring you: a written preview of the games, our post game thoughts, Magic news on injuries, trades, free agency & everything else related to the team. We will bring you season previews of the Magic fixtures, squad & Eastern Conference. Add to this that we will continue to feature Summer League, Magic involvement in world basketball & All Star events. This can be found in our NEWS page, which is accessible from the drop down menu or here

Additionally we are looking adding extra features including a game day play predictions called Magic MOments. We will also be bringing you a whole load of Magic history as an occasional feature.

Coming very soon will be some exclusive new T-shirt designs from our OMUK shop which currently features our logo designs

What you may find different is the way we plan to bring you some existing content. We want you to be part of our weekly predictions chat & so from now on we will occasionally be asking people to join us as a guest. We will also be putting that chat up on our newly created YouTube channel along with other older videos & hopefully some exclusive interviews. Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE here:


There are some sections of the site not yet visible as we work on them. Honestly, we could have parts of this content out now but the 3 of us refuse to bring you something before we are happy with it or it is complete. As always we prefer to bring you quality, rather than a pale imitation.

We are working on a Visiting Orlando page which will be about everything to experience on a game day, parking, transport, seating locations & links to purchasing game tickets & parking.

For next season we aim to have an Orlando Magic UK fantasy league via the established ESPN game. We also plan to embarrass ourselves with a pre-season post where we each predict every teams NBA record, right through to the Finals.


Before we leave you for today one final thing: thank you to every single one of you; our friends for the likes, follows & comments. The interactions we have with you, our fellow Magic fans is what we do this for.

Wherever you are in the world be well, stay safe & as always GO MAGIC!