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Orlando Magic's Statement On The NBA Leagues Suspension


This is the statement released by the Magic CEO Alex Martins. It goes without saying that we understand the NBA’s decision & that of the Magic. Reading through Mr Martin’s short statement the points he makes are those to be expected, focusing on the health of fans, Magic employees & players.

The NBA have stated that during this hiatus they will be looking at how to move forward, as they put it “the next steps”. As to this I will come to in a moment.

Magic Tickets

But before that I am going to write firstly about tickets. The Magic have said tickets will be honoured for postponed games when the games is rescheduled. If the games are behind closed doors then there will be the option of credit to future games or a refund. This is something that directly affects Orlando Magic U.K.’s Geraint & Mikey who are due in Orlando next week. For us U.K. fans honouring tickets to rearranged games probably doesn’t help hugely. Equally, credit to future games is of little use as few of us travel or vacation in the City Beautiful that regularly. Therefore the option has to be refunds. My advice if you are affected by this postponement of the League is to contact the retailer you bought your game tickets from directly be that the Magic, Ticketmaster or a U.K. ticket agency such as or


As yet there are no indications of where the NBA goes. Resuming the season in full has the very real potential to affect the following season. If this one goes long what happens to player rest for those teams that go deep into the playoffs or to the Finals? Do we see preseason shortened again as with this year?

As such what are the options?

1) Could the season be abandoned with no further games played & no champion crowned? Personally I hope this isn’t where we go.
2) If the league is resumed could we go directly to the playoffs with the regular season ending with standings as they are? That perhaps fits the timeline of the league hiatus & the published timetable for this season best.
3) The NBA resumes games but behind closed doors.
4) The season resumes as normal with fans in attendance.

Options 3 & 4 require a huge amount of planning. Arenas have to be free to host games, etc, etc.

I would say that though it would be unpopular with several teams, more so in the West who would miss out on their chance to reach the postseason the second option is the best. I realise that it also affects seedings which would likely change.

We will have to wait & see what the NBA in consultation with players & owners decide is the path forward.

Be well everyone & please continue to follow the advice about personal hygiene.