You are currently viewing 2020 SLAM DUNK CONTEST – HISTORY REPEATS AS 00AG IS ROBBED


Ok, I need to be polite here…but that result was some severe BS!

What we saw was an absolute joke! For a second time Aaron Gordon didn’t win the trophy in a NBA All Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, where a vast majority watching believed he had. For me this result was a far worse outcome than the Zach Lavine loss.

The Story Of The Night

Aaron Gordon scored a perfect 50 across each of his first 4 dunks. Then Air Gordon hit 50 again on his 5th dunk of the night in the dunk off. Then with his 6th dunk AG went over 7.5ft tall Tacko Fall. I won’t say he cleared Tacko as Aaron definitely did not.

The 6 dunks included one of the best dunks ever seen in the history of the dunk competition.

We had Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade judging a final between Aaron Gordon of our Orlando Magic & Derrick Jones Jr of…..oh yes the Miami Heat!

10 Dunks That Scored 50 Points

All 10 Of The 50 Point Dunks

All 10 of the 50 point dunks….Aaron Gordon has 5 of them! Yes, half of all the perfect dunks were those of Air Gordon.

After 2 dunks Aaron Gordon had a perfect 100 points. Derrick Jones Jr scored 96.

After 4 dunks Aaron Gordon had a perfect 200 points. Derrick Jones Jr 196.

So why did we need a dunk off?

The Dunk Off

Round 5 saw each player get another 50 but we had to go again.

Round 6 & Jones scores 48 after lifting off from just inside the free throw line. It was a nice dunk, no argument.

Enter AG with an unplanned dunk, on his first attempt jumping over the Boston Celtics’ 7ft 5 tall Tacko Fall. No assist on the elevation, no pushing off a shoulder or back, just a pure jump & a two handed slam. The arena erupted, the watching players court side were bouncing & the commentators had called it over, saying:

“You dunk over Tacko Fall you win!”

Apparently not! Somehow it was only awarded 47 points, resulting in a lot of swearing from Magic fans, disbelief from the watching players & boos from the arena crowd.


According to Common, one of the judges it had been agreed the judges would score a tie but someone inputted their score incorrectly, hmm I wonder who?

Aaron Gordon has said “I did five straight 50s. That should be a wrap, it’s over. Who’s running the show?”

He has also said he feels like he should have 2 trophies now.

On Twitter the Magic players & many players around the League all reacted with anger & disbelief, including Michael Carter-Williams saying it as it was “I smell a Miami connection”

The People’s Champion

I am going to say this; I thought Derrick Jones Jr was ballin’. He hit some spectacular dunks without any argument.

Aaron Gordon now has 2 the top 5 ever dunks in the All Star Dunk Competition & no trophy. He was in my opinion robbed in 2016 & again tonight.

The people know you won it again AG! You are the two times People’s Champion.